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Our story takes place in 300AC, after a rebellion split the Seven Kingdoms and a Trade war engulfs Essos.
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Known as Lys the Lovely, this free city sits on its own island to the south of the larger Essos continent. It is home to alchemists and merchants of various trades, ranging from perfumes of wonderful scents to the most infamous poisons the world has ever known. Many slaves inhabit this city as well, though it is not a large slave port. This city is under New Valyrian control.
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No New Posts PENTOS
Possibly the most populous of the Free Cities, Pentos is a famous port city. It is often the first city of Essos that Westerosi visit on journeys to Essos. Slavery is forbidden within its walls. It is ruled by a prince and council of incredibly wealthy magisters. Wealth flows in great amounts in and out of Pentos — and the magister’s vaults as well. Pentos currently resists New Valyria.
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In: Black Dragons Feast [Closed]
By: Aurion Drahar
No New Posts TYROSH
A free city on the stepstones. It is ruled by the Archon, chosen from among the city’s wealthiest nobles. It is known as a boisterous and loud city, full of drunkards, brigands, and greedy folk. Tyrosh is the city closest to Westeros, on the far west of Essos. Tyrosh is under New Valyrian control.
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In: A Dance of Bondage
By: Duncan Targaryen
No New Posts BRAAVOS
Founded by ex-slaves fleeing the Valyrian Freehold, this city emerged from the shadows to become the greatest banking center in the world. It is the northern-most, richest, and arguably most powerful of the Free Cities. The city spans hundreds of tiny islands connected by small stone bridges. Its value lays not in its resources but its prime position for trade. Braavos is controlled under the influence of the Sealord. It is home of the House of Black and White and the mysterious Faceless Men. Braavos is housing the Blackfyres and resists New Valyria.
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Known as the "First Daughter", Volantis was the first colony established by the Valyrian Freehold. The apple did not fall far from the tree, for it is one of the greatest, wealthiest and currently most powerful free city. Behind the Black Walls of Old Volantis, the triarchs rule New Valyria, an empire consisting of the majority of Essos.
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In: Thirst For Knowledge
By: Duncan Targaryen
No New Posts ASSHAI
Asshai, often known as Asshai by the Shadow due to its close proximity to the Shadow Lands north of its coast. It located along the Saffron Straits and to go to Asshai, is to pass beneath the shadow. The city is wealthy due to its exports of dragonglass, amber, gold and other gems. Though some are wary of the gold, Asshai is reliant about food and freshwater brought in by trade so the valuables given are worth the endeavour. Beware that while the population is no more than a market town, the walls are vast enough to contain many popular cities and it's denizers powerful due to sorcery and knowledge.
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No New Posts YI-TI
The Golden Empire of Yi Ti is a realm located in the eponymous region of the Further East of Essos. It is the supposed successor to the mythic Great Empire of the Dawn, which, according to legend, fell during the Long Night. It is ruled by a God-Emperor, who is worshiped as divine and resides in the city of Si Qo. Yi Ti's landscape is vast and diverse, ranging from forest steppes and the Shadow Lands and Mountains of the Morn in the east to heat and unforgivable aridity of The Bone Mountains and the Great Sand Sea. This diverse set of landscapes grows magnificently different cultures and peoples, all of which are now united.
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From Qarth, to south of the Summer Sea, and to the fabled Asshai; these are the locations in Essos not listed with their own forum. When threads are made here, tag your thread with the location you're rping in.

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In: Eye of the Stallion
By: Isolde Varezys

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