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Our story takes place in 211 AC, all the wise men and priests have declared the Long Night is coming. Will man win the battle for dawn?
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New Posts Westeros - A Sowing solstice
Before the Long Night, men showed their true colours. Seven slaveborn from Asshai have made their way to Westeros. Their aim is to eliminate the highborn and sow Discord. The killers are everywhere and nowhere but why eliminate the highborn exactly? To decrease the potential heroes whom will face the demons in the battle for the dawn.
3 95 Jan 2 2018, 01:29 PM
In: Seeds of Winter
New Posts Essos - Games and Ancients
Most men are not in tune with the whispers of the world. They seek to play their game of thrones, whilst the earth calls out in despair. For those that hear it, the games mean nothing; only survival.
5 151 Jan 7 2018, 01:59 AM
In: The Ruined City of Tyria


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